Our aim is to make a difference in children and young people’s lives, giving them the chance to develop as individuals, not only through physical activity but mentally and emotionally as well, with the chance to socialise, create, play, solve problems and learn new life skills.

We do this by providing enthusiastic, inspiring, experienced and qualified coaches of excellent calibre who can support the varied coaching requirements of the coaching partnerships with schools, clubs and other sporting organisations.  

The Coaches Network is designed to Source high-quality coaches who embody our strong Lions Values to be a coach on and off the field, Perform at the top of your game, Be a role model, Do what you say you will do and have fun. All coaching applicants go through our 3-stage recruitment process of an initial phone call to establish whether they are a suitable candidate. Once they have been approved the coach is invited to a coaches recruitment session where we discuss the vision of the business and get a chance to see the coach in action. Finally, if the coach is successful they will be invited along to a face to face interview. If for whatever reason they are not successful, we will provide feedback on where to work on and the door will always be open for them to come back and try again.

“Helping children and young adults realise their potential through sport and physical activity”