You’re joking, not another one. Working for Lions Sports Academy during Lockdown 2.0

In my last post I ended with; “Let’s see how things continue after Christmas and into the New Year.” That was October. Then November came and, with it, Lockdown 2.0.

All grass root sports were stopped, again, which meant we had to give our coaches who worked in sports clubs more bad news. We would not be able to work with them for at least a month. 

Schools, however, remained open. So we were able to support school P.E lessons and after school clubs still and provide our coaches with at least some opportunities.

November saw a lot of change for Lions as a business too. We continued to grow our online presence, offering free live workout sessions with England 7s internationals and Olympic Athletes. This proved extremely popular with children and young adults, who were desperate to get some much-needed exercise during the lockdown. 

My role has continued much the same. I’ve done a bit of coaching too - covering for a coach who was self-isolating - which was fun. We’ve had to react and adapt to these changing circumstances and we’ve really come together, as a team, under these challenging circumstances. 

December has seen some of the staff, including myself, return to flexi-furlough. Again, another team effort to adapt to our circumstances and do what is best for the business. I don’t mind, it’ll give me a chance to work on my own fitness and hit the gym. I’m sure my dog won’t mind either, she’ll finally get to go on those long walks she’s missed since the first lockdown!

We’re striving to finish this crazy year on a high, showing our schools and clubs that, once again, we can deliver the most professional and enthusiastic coaching available. We hope to start the New Year with more schools, more clubs and hopefully more sport in general.

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