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It is a well-known fact that when going for a job Employers prefer graduates with work experience. There are many benefits to undertaking a placement or internship whilst at school, college or university. These include gaining knowledge of the industry, developing and learning new keys skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication and time management, which are all important when you are exploring different career options and in some cases, get paid while you study!

This academic year, working with Achieving for Children Lions have welcomed 7 work experience students from schools in the Richmond and Kingston area through. These students have proven to be vital to the development of our business, especially on the social media front, where we are learning from these 15-18 year olds on a daily basis!

Another great development this year has been the work placement partnership with St Mary’s University. The University has provided Lions with students covering Business, Sports Coaching and Strength and Conditioning.

Surrounding ourselves with these, passionate, enthusiastic and driven young people has meant that we are always growing and developing!

If you/your children are interested in doing a placement with Lions Sports Academy, please get in touch at


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