Talent Tuesday - Connor Stuart

On this week's Talent Tuesday we would like to present to you Connor Stuart, who is one of our ADP S&C coaches! Connor is one of our best and has the understanding to see that S&C can play a huge part in an athletes development & also that it has a big impact on them playing to the best of their ability in any sport. 

Full name: Connor Stuart

How long have you been coaching? 4 years

How did you get into it and why coaching? 

Got into coaching whilst studying at University, I saw that strength and conditioning could have a huge impact on the ability of a player to perform at their best and wanted to pursue it as a career.

I have since worked in elite Pole Vault, elite Rugby League at senior and academy level, elite youth football and tennis at youth level. I have played a key role in the construction of gym based programmes for elite senior athletes and in the implementation of the senior and academy programmes.

Why Lions?
Being able to positively impact the athletic ability of youth athletes is very rewarding and I want to help as many young athletes realise their sporting dreams.
Qualifications and training?

EXOS Performance Specialist

Msc Strength and Conditioning
Bsc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Coaching Goals?

Run a successful private coaching business with professional athletes, amateur athletes and general clients
Interests and Hobbies?
Dog walking, reading books, playing rugby and listening to podcasts

Trapped on a desert island, 3 things what are they?

An umbrella so I can have shade, a 10,000 piece puzzle to keep me occupied until I get rescued and a huge crate of lucozade

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