Talent Thursday - Introducing Ryan Chester!

Full name Ryan William Chester

How long have you been coaching for?

I have been coaching for about 8 years now, coaching children from the ages of 5 to 18 years old. I have coach within school and club across Surrey, Berkshire and South of France.

How did you get into coaching?

I have always been passionate sportsman, born and raised in South Africa rugby, football and cricket were a huge part of my childhood. I am often described as a very happy person, who speaks to everyone. During my time at University I would work in multiple colleges and school as a volunteer. Once graduating from university I moved to the South of France to play and coach rugby.

Why Lions?

I was looking for some extra coaching opportunities and Will Page, keep mentioning about Lions. Once I had my meeting with Andy, I knew Lions was the right company to work for.

Qualifications and training?

A degree in physical and sports education from St Mary’s University
RFU level 1 and 2 Rugby Union Coach
1st 4 sport level 2 certificate in multi sports (QCF)
British gymnastics level 1 instructor
Emergency first Aid and Paediatric care
D1 Minibus license

Coaching goals?

To be able to get myself onto a RFU level 3 course, to carry on developing my knowledge. To get myself involved in an academy or semi-professional set up.

Trapped on a desert Island, 3 things what are they?

A pet dog (To keep me company), Knife (To help my build things) and a pair of trainers.

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