Standing Strong for Grassroots Sports: Join Us in Defending the Future of Grassroots Sports Against Legal Threats from the British and Irish Lions

Given the seriousness of a legal threat against us by the British and Irish Lions, we have released the following statement. If you agree, please send a short email to saying a few words about your experience with us and why we are not a threat but in fact a necessary part of the success that the B&I Lions gain huge financial benefit from.

Think of a lion. Top of your head... strength with gentleness, power with control, majesty with the capability to be fearsome. Perhaps you might think of 'three lions on my shirt', pride in your country and its sport. If you're one of the x,000 UK companies with Lion in your name you might think of your pride in what you've worked to create.  If you agree with any of this, please take a stand with us (as in share or help if you can).

The British and Irish Lions, a rugby team who tours once every four years has legally threatened us. We're Lions Sports Academy and for nearly eight years we've coached 1,000s of kids to build their athletic confidence in sport. Not just rugby but any sport where physical strength and agility play a role. We are grassroots through and through. We've been working with schools, with parents, with kids with a simple goal - help the grassroots develop stronger so our national international teams might one day benefit but kids benefit every day. 

As a business, we are a rounding error on the bar bill of one corporate package to a B&I Lions game. We are nothing. But in terms of the future of British sport, we are something because we believe you make a strong ladder to success but making every rung of that ladder strong.  Not the international hospitality but the kids who might one day play for their country and even if they don't, will enter the world of work with more confidence. 

We're confident we are doing the right thing for British sport. People in suits who have nothing to fear from us and very much to gain in future from what we are doing disagree. They want us to cease and desist. But we—unlike them—know where the future lies.  Have a read about our mission and our successes, then make your view known to the lawyers employed to stop us.  If you worry about the future of British sport, you're on our side already. Help us make a stand.

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