Nora Baltruweit: Welcome To The Team

Lions Sports Academy would like to welcome Nora Baltruweit as the latest addition to our coaching team. Nora is highly experienced and plays for Wasps Womens team in the Tyrrell's Premier 15s competition. Her Wasps team are currently sitting in 4th positon in the table and are on course for a semi-final place at the moment.

We conducted a brief interview with Nora to find out what inspired her to get into coaching and what makes her tick both on and off the pitch....

Full name: Nora Baltruweit

How long have you been coaching?

Since I was 17, coaching In Germany also.

How did you get into it and why coaching?

Playing rugby at an elite level has been a wonderful opportunity for me as an athlete and person. There have been many experiences that have challenged me and helped me to learn and grow. One of the biggest challenge so far I believe was going over-sea to New Zealand and England to play rugby with german rugby knowledge as a background. Rugby is not a big sport in Germany and competing with players who just life this sport since young age was and is absolutely brutal. It also makes me look at the different coaching styles as well as different ways of playing this game from a completely subjective kind of view. New Zealand and England are rugby wise very different in my opinion. Therefore I like to pick the best out of both theories to be able to deliver that little extra to my athletes.  

Many times I have turned up as the underdog player or in the underdog team and proved people wrong. I absolutely love it. That’s why I would like to help others to have this same growth and development.

I am strongly inspired to coach from Giselle Mather who coaches me at Wasps who I believe is one of the best there is in the game and does a wonderful job. Also many of my teammates like Danielle Waterman “Nolli” or Claire Purdy who I play with and have worked with also has influenced me and encouraged me to be a great player and coach.

Why Lions?

Playing Premiership and international rugby as well as studying full time is pretty challenging if you try to give your best at everything every day. Lions gives me the opportunity to coach the sport I love, challenge me with different kids group to develop my coaching skills and respect my bussy calender.

Qualifications and training?

Level 2 RFU Rugby Coaching Award

Strength and Conditioning Science via a Sports Scholarship at St Mary's University

Coaching Goals?

I want to combine my skills as a coach with my experiences as a player to develop my players as much as possible

Interests and Hobbies?

I don’t know if I already mentioned it but I like to play rugby. Apart from that I like to cook, I am bit of a coffee freak so I guess I like coffee as well. I don’t have a piano at the moment but I actually do play piano. And I am very interested in any kind of sport, so love watching the olympics or any kind of tournaments.

Trapped on a desert island, 3 things what are they?

A lot of water. I would like to take my girlfriend but she might would be pretty angry with me because I am responsible for her being trapped on a desert island. A knife to catch food and a piano to kill some time probably.

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