Lions Launch Physical Maturity

Players in the same age group develop at different rates.

“Helping schools and parents to understand their children/students physical needs”

Ever considered why your students are succeeding or struggling in sport? Want them to be more engaged while enjoying exercise? And how does their physical development relate to these questions?

Our new Physical Maturity analysis can give you the answers you’re looking for.  

Children and young adults are generally put into groups based on their chronological age, in the UK this is from the 1st September to the 31st of August, as this is the most simple way to group in a school, sports club or other sporting scenarios. 

But what if this method is holding some players back from achieving their potential and affecting their ability to understand failure and success?...

Using Physical Maturity analysis we are able to understand your child’s physical needs, which will help us provide a level playing field within a school or club. 

We will do this by understanding where children are in their physical maturation. We do this by calculating peak height velocity (PHV). PHV can be defined as the largest upward growth seen in a child's life (growth spurt), and it is calculated using height, weight, age, and gender. 

This calculation estimates your child’s biological age, which is an indicator of a child's physical development. Once we understand this information, we help to build a training environment to suit their needs and allow them to progress at a pace that is most beneficial for them.

Once we have worked out a child’s PHV they can then be grouped into three main categories. These include early developers, who develop faster than their peers; on time, who develop in-line with their peers and late developers, who develop slower than their peers. All of these stages are natural as children all develop at different times in their lives. Half of the importance of outlining where your children are in their development is to establish the best training plan for that specific time in their growth maturation and make sure they develop at their own pace.

The process of splitting based on biological age, also known as ‘bio banding’ is being used in elite sporting academies around the world. . It puts players with other, physically similar, players. The idea behind this thinking is it provides a more balanced approach and improves levels of competition within groups. 

Directed by University lecturers and delivered by highly qualified and experienced sports science professionals, Lions Physical Maturity is designed to help us understand the physical needs of children.

Our sports science professionals use a state of the art performance platform to review data, look for trends, and establish considerations. We are able to provide this data to children, schools, and parents to help them see improvements and build strong health and well-being habits. This informed analysis will help teachers and coaches make better decisions when leading coaching and training sessions. 

An individual report is provided to parents, enabling them to see a snapshot of where a child is in their physical development. These personalised reports will help parents make better decisions to assist a child's sporting development.  These decisions could be things such as joining a new sports club, introducing strength training, or even reducing the amount of exercise or training! 

Our team will provide you with considerations of what is best practice. We’ll offer advice on what we believe, based on the report, is a suitable plan to help a child improve and develop. This information can be acted on at the school, shared with sports clubs externally, or we can provide a bespoke plan.  

There is currently limited research on physical maturity in a general population of children, and we believe that with your help we can change the way that sport is delivered for the better. Our aim is to engage and keep more players in their respective games. That way we help to form exercise habits for a lifetime of physical activity.

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