Are we failing children? Setting them up for employment but instilling bad fitness and lifestyle habits in the process

We go through school learning to read, write and solve mathematical problems to enhance our chance of success in the career path we choose, but what is done to set us up for a lifetime of sport and physical exercise? 

An improvement in the delivery of physical education for students all over the county from a young age could:

  1. Reduce the numbers of youngsters dropping out of  sports

  2. Help to tackle the long-standing pandemic of obesity.

It always baffles me that schools are founded and designed with education and learning of theoretical topics and skills at the forefront, with little to no focus on learning the simple skills that we use more regularly to move around on a day to day basis. Research suggests that learning new skills before the age of around 12 years results in a higher level of competence than those who learn after this age. This is the same whether we are talking about, reading, writing, sport or learning to play an instrument.

Recently I have been thinking about the current coronavirus pandemic (which is only fueling the problem of obesity) we are going through. The focus seems to be to drive education by sitting in front of screens to learn versus helping children to go out and explore, and to understand what their body and mind need to concentrate throughout a busy day at school.

I for one was not driven by academia. I struggled for motivation at school and was only ever really engaged through playing sports. I would have struggled immensely in the current situation these children are facing.

Something needs to be put in place to give these children the start in life they deserve. For them to reach their full potential they need to be fit and healthy (as well as being able to read and write). We all have a responsibility to help them...

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