England World Cup Winner To Attend Lions Old Reigatians Easter Camp

England World Cup Winner To Attend Lions Old Reigatians Easter Camp

Fresh off her visit to our Easter Rugby Residential at Box Hill School, England World Cup & Grand Slam winner Vicky Fleetwood will be dropping in to take part in some coaching at our girls rugby camp at Old Reigatians next Monday. She will be coming along for a few hours in the afternoon on the Monday to see the girls and impart her knowledge of the game onto them.

With it being a specific camp for U11s & U13s, Vicky can help coach the girls in the areas which are specific to her and she has a great deal of knowledge in. These areas will include one on one rucking and creating a maul for U11s, whilst for U13s she will help them with the technique that is needed to effectively create a ruck and a maul. Having Vicky there will be a great opportunity for the girls to pick her brains and to be coached by a player of her quality. It is not everyday that they will be able to say they have been coached by an England international.

As well as being coached by Vicky, the girls will be able to ask her questions about her career and understand how she was able to reach the level that she plays at top. The girls can hear first hand the hard-work, long hours and determination that Vicky had to put in in order to breakthrough and become one of Englands most successful and consistent players.

We are extremely looking forward to having Vicky join us on Monday and this is certainly not an opportunity to be missed.

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