3 Ways GoVox Has Positively Impacted Lions Coaches Network

Lions have partnered with GoVox, a well-being and mental health platform, for over 18 months now. The aim of the partnership was to give students a proactive, holistic approach to health - combining physical and mental well-being to reduce the risk of student injury, students hitting ‘crisis point’ or possibly both. 

GoVox provides Lions Coaches Network with monthly mental health check-ins, with great success. As our founder, Andy Jones, said "the GoVox system has proven vital to help us to manage the mental health of our team. The easy-to-use online questionnaire is straightforward for staff and management to use and helps us to address concerns often before they become a problem. GoVox helps us to highlight who is in need of support and when to contact them, allowing us to attract and retain more coaches."

Since using Govox, Lions has seen:

- An increase in morale and well-being across the team

- An increase in coach retention rate

- An increae in coaches wanting to join the network 

Lions look forward to growing the partnership in the future and are proud to be able to offer GoVox's services to our coaches network. 

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