Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC)


Lions Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) has been developed through a burning desire to help individuals who have an injury in a sport that they love. We found that many athletes would get injured while playing their sport and through an understanding of health and performance programmes we believe we had something to offer to help them return. Frustratingly, often athletes were sustaining injuries and not conducting anything or very minimal activity to help them return. This was often because they didn’t know what they could do and didn’t want to make their issue worse. However, we all know sport requires you to be physically fit, robust and resilient so, in fact, they were probably making the issue worse. Therefore, SPARC has been designed to help you along the way back to performance.


SPARC Helps you:

  • Rehabilitate current and previous injury

  • Tackle pain issues including Severs, Osgood Schlatter and muscle degenerative diseases

  • Improve Co-ordination issues including dyspraxia and Hypermobility


Through a minimum of four weeks of support, you will get the care and attention needed to get you back playing and training fully. Our highly qualified rehabilitation therapists' will look to understand your injury or restriction, test you in ways appropriate to your sport, and develop an individualised plan to guide you to recovery.


The course starts with a full consultation where we will assess you from all angles, take you to the gym and work directly with you to highlight your limitations and stages of development. Feedback is provided through videos of your current state and throughout the course, therapists will create a personal video and written programme for every session. Following consultation, you will receive one hour of coaching per week until your treatment has finished. Coaching sessions are delivered by one coach to every 4 clients (max). During your course, Lions SPARC provides ongoing support via phone and email where you can access your therapist to answer any questions. Our dedicated professionals can help with your return to sport following surgery


Previous experience:

"My 14-year-old son recently injured his shoulder while swimming and as he regularly has sports-related injuries or issues from growing pains I wanted him to have some strength and conditioning sessions in a safe environment. I was recommended the Lions Sports Academy by a physio who has worked closely with the instructors and I am so grateful for the recommendation. My son has rehabbed his shoulder and is back to swimming but is continuing with the sessions as they have helped with his core strength and fitness in a really fun and stimulating environment. My son has worked closely with Will Page and he is a great role model for young boys as well as being extremely knowledgeable and competent at what he does. It has made a big difference to my son's recovery and also cheered him up and motivated him during a time when he was not allowed to participate fully in school and club sports."
Sylvia Boker, Parent


Join thousands of others like you who are regularly undertaking sports rehabilitation to get back to their optimum sporting performance! 


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