Speed Academy

What is Speed Academy?

Speed Academy is an advanced speed and agility programme aimed to improve all aspects of physical preparation and development.  It is the equivalent of an elite training programme offered on your door step, open to 8-18 year old males and females of any ability.


How do we do it?

We designed an excellent programme which has been developed through a collaboration of up to date research in conjunction with years of strength and conditioning experience.  We focus on the core aspects of all sports with a specific focus on developing each individual based on their level of competence and their specific requirements.


What methods we use and how do athletes benefit?

At Lions we use a combination of methods.  These are specifically designed at making each individual faster, more agile and more robust resulting in superior sports performance.  In addition to the superior sports performance that Speed Academy offers, it will allow individuals greater satisfaction out of sport, reducing injury and ultimately resulting in a lifetime of opportunities which sporting participation can bring.  

In addition, every session has a combination of running skills, resistance training, balance stability, jumping ability and agility.  However, these are strategically manipulated each week to ensure that sessions still remain enjoyable and give the individuals a better stimulus to enhance sports performance.


 "Thank you to you and all the team for everything you've done for the boys this year.  Theo really enjoys his time spent with Lions, and has come so far this year.   Much of this, we've no doubt is down to you guys - not only in the level of training you give but the confidence and belief you've instilled in him!"
  Becca Fairn - Parent