Foundation Strength™

Foundation Strength™ was designed to facilitate the development of foundation movements such as such as lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting (anti-rotation), crawling, rolling and climbing are developed in a simultaneous fashion throughout, that is seen competitive sporting events and the foundation skills introduced in Lions Speed Academy sessions. These skills serve as the foundations to excel at competitive events and the ability to tolerate and produce force. In essence, we must learn to walk before we can run and therefore we must desire mastery of the basic skills in non-chaotic environments before you are able to progress to more complex motor patterns. 

The skills above are developed at all stages of development and have a vast array of evidence to be linked with superior performance, predicting injury and children feeling competent in a more complex motor task (e.g. the competitive event). Lions Foundation Strength aims to develop and progress each individual in accordance to their stage of development. For example, mastery of body weight movements (body weight squat, push up, crawl etc) are required to be demonstrated before more advances training methods can be introduced (back squats, bench press, handstands etc.). This enables each child to be challenged at their level to achieve the best results.



Lions Foundation Strength™ benefits:

Increased Confidence

Increased movement efficiency

Improved core stability and flexibility

Increased strength 

Increased power

Increased Speed, agility & quickness

Increased bone mineral density

Reduced chance of injury



How do we implement a Strength & Conditioning Programme?

  • Screening assessments are performed and these scores are then gathered and evaluated to predict the likelihood of injury.

  • Training development - All exercises and technique orientated and training load is progressed gradually in a safe gym environment.

  • Re-assessment on the last Foundation S trength™ session, the pre and post assessment results are compiled into a feedback form which is given out to the            

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The course is open from age 8-18 years. This is then split into two groups of 8-12 years and 13-18 years.